Switching to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Earth is a beautiful yet fragile place that’s full of endless possibilities. However just how far can we go before its too much for our planet to handle?

In recent decades society has been constantly evolving faster than ever seen before in human history when it comes to technology, infrastructure, manufacturing etc. What we all never realised is how much this is going to hurt our home planet for the future years to come… until now.


What can you do to create a smaller carbon footprint and live more eco-friendly?

1. Simple lifestyle changes can dramatically help the environment. An example of this is using less and less one-time use items. For example, plastic straws, plastic plates, Cling wrap and many more.


2. Compost bins are an excellent way to make good use of leftover food scraps and reduce overall waste. They’re especially awesome if you have a garden! Having a compost bin will encourage you to re-use scraps that you would normally throw to waste. We can assure you that your garden will love you for it too!


3. Only shop with reusable shopping bags. This is a hard one to miss as most supermarkets across Australia today only provide reusable shopping bags to purchase which is amazing! It also saves you money in the long run.


4. This is a hard one for all you coffee lovers; avoid disposable coffee cups at all costs! 2,700,000 paper coffee cups are thrown away in Australia each day and unfortunately these are no longer able to be recycled. This means they end up going straight to landfill instead. Treat yourself by getting a reusable coffee cup, It will make you feel a lot better as well.


5. Shopping with the environment in mind.

- Lookout for companies that are focused on helping the environment.

- Choose items that don’t come with excess waste/packaging.

- Pick items that are going to last with you for years to come.


Still not too sure where you want to start to begin helping the planet? Join the rest and grab yourself an Atmeco Zero Biodegradable phone case here


We hope this information was helpful and that it encourages you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. These simple changes will also dramatically help the planet one step at a time. P.S It also makes you feel great!


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