Who are we?

We're people wanting to make a difference; reducing wasteful plastics from the world is key to ensure that our planet has a healthy future. We want to reduce the amount of waste in our world by providing phone cases that are made from 100% Biodegradable material instead of using common TPU and plastics that are used in most phone cases.


What is my purchase doing?

10% of every sale made is donated directly back into saving our planet as well as supporting communities. Every month we will be donating to a new charity that is voted for on our social media platforms. We think it’s important that our customers are able decide on what positive impact their purchase is making to the environment. At the end of every month 10% of all sales will be made to the decided charity.


Why should I make the change?

Plastic’s are in the world to stay forever, they don’t biodegrade, they don’t decompose and they certainly don’t benefit our planet. Plastic’s are constantly damaging the world and our sea life day by day. The USA alone throws away enough plastic bottles in a week to circle the world 5 times and that’s only plastic bottles… There are 1 BILLION plastic phone cases made every single year made from 400 million pounds of plastic and the average phone case is used for two years until it is thrown away. By simply using a phone case that is sustainable to the environment you’re taking a huge step in the right direction by reducing your waste footprint, Its also a great feeling knowing you’re helping out the planet!