Q: Are the cases really 100% Biodegradable?

A: Yes! Our phone cases really are 100% Biodegradable. All of the materials used to manufacture the cases are completely ecofriendly and they even come with a natural wood smell!

Q: How are 10% of each sale provided to environmental charitys?

Every month we process the total amount of sales and promise to donate 10% of each sale directly to charity of choice for the month.

Q: What are the shipping times once I’ve purchased my case?

We aim to have all orders processed within 1 business day from when they’re placed. The estimated standard shipping time is 3-5 Business days. However, we also have an express option.

Q: When will you be selling more than just iPhone models?

We have noticed that there has been an increasing amount of requests for making compatibility for brands such as Samsung. We're working on this and appreciate everyones patience!

Q: Why should I be purchasing a Biodegrable Phone case?

There are more than 181,437 tonnes of plastic used in manufacturing phone cases each year. We want to dramatically reduce the amount of plastics affecting our world by providing a case that won't create a negative footprint once thrown away.

Q: What are the cases made from?

Our cases are made up mostly of PBAT + Bamboo fibres! Meaning natural occurring micro-organisms in the soil recognise PBAT as food that they can metabolise which is why we believe this is truly the better case!