Atmico iPhone 7+/8+ Biodegradable Case 2.0 (Charcoal)


More Protection, More Grip, Just as Eco Friendly!

We're proud to introduce the ATMICO ZERO 2.0, Australia's first Biodegradable phone case. The ATMICO ZERO 2.0 features stronger corners & raised edges to provide your phone A-Grade protection without sacrifing the enviroment by adding to the worlds plastic wastage.

Protection & Fit

The ATMICO ZERO 2.0 model features bump stop corners & raised edges designed to protect your screen and camera from knocks and drops. Each model has been precicsely laser cut to ensure the perfect fit for your phone. We have also included a smooth and clicky button press feel for your volume and power buttons.

Enviromental Impact

The ATMICO ZERO 2.0 is made from 100% biodegradable material with zero waste and toxicants going into the earth after you've finished with it. A small change by you will make a big difference to our planets future.

Packaging & Shipping

We use a raw zero waste packaging style, there is no need to have single use plastic around the case when shipped the ATMICO ZERO 2.0 is surrounded by recyclable paper/cardboard to ensure a safe delivery. FREE DELIVERY is included with any purchase anywhere inside of Australia!